Taking a bit of a break from Outsourcing posts to introduce you to an offer that gives exceptional value and is worth your time to take a look. This offer is time sensitive as it will be removed on the 19th of March, so it needs attention now.

The offer is by Jimmy Brown…marketer extraordinaire…:)

So, exactly what is the offer? Most of you are already aware that Jimmy Brown is retiring all of his existing products. The first round of retired products was a list of his reports that he sold for $10 a piece…by the way, he ended up selling 2,144 reports (that’s a nice little chunk of change 😉 )…but even more than that, it shows how many people believe in Jimmy’s products.

His next product and the one we’re going to talk about today is a blog theme that he had custom created. This blog theme was styled after his own successful blog that was custom designed for him at a cost of $499. Most of us…particularly if you are a fresh blogger, or looking to start your first blog cannot afford to spend that kind of cash for a blog theme.

Believe it or not, Jimmy never got around to releasing this fabulous  theme…but it can be yours today for an unbelievable price of $27….although Jimmy hinted that there could be a price increase before he retires it.   Twenty seven dollars  for a custom designed blog theme? You need to check it out for yourself:

Jimmy Brown Blog Theme

“Multiple Streams Theme”….

  • It is a beautiful design!
  • It has built-in ways to make money!
  • It allows you to build a list!
  • It has buttons to promote your favorite affiliate programs!
  • It is perfect for affiliates!
  • It is even budget friendly!

Any of you bloggers who concentrate on affiliate product promotion will love this theme as it has buttons that you can go behind the scene and connect to your favorite affiliate programs. It’s no wonder that Jimmy named the theme:
“Multiple Streams Theme.”

Be aware that there is a definitive time that this offer will be available and the clock is ticking. It is now March 15 (my dad’s birthday, a healthy 88 years old…“Happy Birthday Dad!”)….and this offer will end at 10 p.m. on the 19th of March. And, if you think Jimmy won’t pull it…well, just check back then and you’ll see he’s good for his word!

Don’t miss this opportunity to grab a custom built blog theme for the cost of what you would pay for dinner out 😉 An opportunity like this one may not appear for a long, long time…if ever.

By the way…I purchased this theme for myself. I am thinking about a blog make-over and I may use this theme…so, you could possibly see it in action here. But, remember the time limit is coming fast..so, don’t wait on me…grab it before it disappears:

Jimmy Brown Blog Theme

I’d love to hear your thoughts so if you’re not in too much of a hurry, leave a comment and let me know what you think of the theme.

It’s absolutely beautiful out here today in SW Florida…my guess is it will reach 80 degrees. We’ve had so much cold weather this winter that I think I’ll go for a nice long roller blade today 😉 I love to feel the wind in my face 😉

enJOY your day too….and don’t forget to give thanks for all your blessings!


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