For those of you that are convinced…like I am, that outsourcing is your ticket to Freedom…both financially and personally, I have a special treat today.

I was given the opportunity to interview Tyrone Shum an Internet Marketer from Sydney, Australia who is an expert at outsourcing to the Philippines.  What he shares for free in this video is well worth watching. The video is not short…it is 51 minutes long…but if outsourcing is your thing…you will be glued to what he says. Even if you only watch part of it, you will learn something I promise 😉

Tyrone  generously shares his expertise about blogging and Internet Marketing on his blog “Internet Business Path.” Tyrone is the kind of marketer you want to be associated with…he simply over delivers on everything and offers an enormous amount of free material for you to view and read about the subject of outsourcing.  He also has an awesome newsletter “Outsourcing Secrets” that you can sign up for at, when you do, you will  also receive absolutely free a copy of Tyrone’s enlightening ebook “Secrets of Outsourcing Experts Revealed.”

Not only does Tyrone cover the subject himself, but he interviews three top experts in the field of outsourcing. Tim Ferris…who was a huge influence on Tyrone early on (most people recognize him from the title of his best selling book “The Four Hour Work Week”, Jeff Mills of Outsourcing Secrets, and John Jonus of Replace Myself. I have written extensively on John and Jeff in previous posts…they are both highly regarded experts in this field and have a wealth of knowledge to share with you.

And if that isn’t enough to motivate you to head over to MassOutsource, you will also be treated to 10 FREE videos on outsourcing…specifically to the Philippines. If you aren’t convinced yet that outsourcing is the way to go, take a few minutes to view the video above and watch the 10 videos Tyrone offers….what an education 😉

Tyrone is going to re-open his Mastermind Course on Outsourcing to the Philippines sometime most likely in April. You can always check back here as I will keep everyone updated when I get wind of the date. You can also sign up for early notification at Wouldn’t hurt to sign up and get informed and then you can make a wise decision about joining. I have already committed myself…I am definitely on board!

I got into this Internet marketing field specifically to gain Freedom in my life…it didn’t take me long to realize that I would be tied to a computer all day if I did not learn to outsource. Outsourcing to the Philippines is my answer and if freedom is your dream…like it is mine,  I believe it is your answer too 😉



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