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100 Blog Comments

A challenge initiated by two of my marketing buddies Steve King and Jacinta Dean. Join the fun and get favor with Google 😉

The goal is to get 100 or more comments on  one designated blog post. Each person who participates designates what blog post is the “contest” one.

Anyone can don’t be shy. Just drop a note to anyone on this list 100 Blog Comments of participating people and let someone know so you can be added to the list.

This is a fun exercise that can only help use to gain favor with Google and other search engines. Just think of all the nice bloggers you will meet along the way…to say nothing of what you may learn.  I’ve never had even close to 100 comments on a blog post before so this should feel good 😉

Kathy *

I am going to add a bit of a post script here on my thoughts on this 100 Comment challenge now that I have been into it for 3 weeks.

First thing I’d like to add is: I had no idea how much time and energy it took to gather 100 comments and to reciprocate those 100 comments on their blogs. Wow, this has kept me very busy this month!

I have gained a lot of knowledge navigating to these different blogs and reading what they offered. There have been so many niches covered that there certainly has been something for everyone!

Met some new friends and bloggers that I will be following because of their awesome content and the value they can add to my own business.

I do believe this has effected my getting comments on my other blog posts such as “Outsourcing to the Philippines….Your Questions Answered.” This is the second addition by Honey Amabelle…the outsourced worker/Admin from EasyOutsource who agreed to come aboard and answer any questions or concerns you may have  about outsourcing to the Philippines.

There were so many questions that came through the first time that Honey posted for me “A Filipino’s Freelancers Thoughts on Outsourcing”… she came back and posted the second addition….answering all the questions asked in the comments from the first post she placed.  She has agreed to come back as often as I need her to answer any questions or concerns you may have with your outsourcing projects.

Since this was such an important series of posts from Honey…in retrospect, I should have made it my entrance into this challenge. Honey not only answers your questions about outsourcing…but she does it from an outsourced workers point of view…giving us  valuable information allowing us to “see” the point of view of the “other side” of the outsourcing equation.

If you are into outsourcing to the Philippines…or you are thinking of pursuing this (if you are working online you should be!) I believe you will gain a lot from reading Honey’s posts. The more we learn and understand about how our outsourced worker feels…the better we can work to make them happy and understand their needs. In the end…it all contributes to our success.

All in all this challenge has been a wonderful experience...even if it has been extremely time consuming! It has been worth it!

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