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Creating Soul in your Membership Site

scaleThis morning I want to talk a little about how to create  ‘soul’ within your membership site.

But first we must understand one very basic principle in life…that principle is balance.  Everything in life needs balance.  The old adage “you can’t have one without the other” sums it up quite well.  You can’t have black without white, up without down, in without out….one simply doesn’t exist without the other.  They are the two apposing forces that create life.  Without cold, hot simply has no meaning….nothing to gauge it against.

To achieve success in life…no matter what endeavor we are trying to achieve,…we must apply this principle of balance.  We must copy the success of nature. Read the rest of this entry

To Your Joy

This is it!  Finally, after a few weeks of changes and trials to see what works and to find the perfect fit for  me….last night after I got home from work I sat with my son…deliberating about the design of my new blog.  I had a vision…it just appeared…as visions often do….so I immediately imparted the information to my son who created this.  It’s a perfect fit!  I love it.  The most amazing thing is, my last day on the job was yesterday….(I had been laid off after 11 years)…so I experienced ‘the door closing’…only to wake up this morning to ‘the door opening.’  There it was…my new blog!  I knew it the minute I saw it.  I sit in awe at a Universe so wise and grand!  Couldn’t have timed things better myself!

To make things even better I woke to a beautiful, inspiring video that someone had so lovingly placed in their mail to me.  I just had to share my Joy with everyone….and with that Joy I would like to share this enlightening, inspiring video.

This truly is the first day of my ‘new life’…


Creating Your Membership Site….

wonderful-world-inspirational-free-e-cardHow many of you are sitting on unrealized dreams?  How many great ideas and dreams of success have you had that  never materialized?  There is a Universal Law that applies to success….the one single thing that will manifest our ideas and dreams, and without putting this law into effect, our ideas and dreams remain just that……ideas and dreams.

This simple but necessary rule is the Law of Action.  We must first understand that we live in the physical world and must play by the rules. In this physical world of ours everything is vibration.  Take everything back to it’s humble beginnings, strip it of it’s physical properties, and you have vibration.  How did it become a physical reality?  Someone took action and created it.  That chair you are sitting in was an idea in someone’s mind and would have remained an idea…but, someone took action and manifested it in the physical world.

Everything physical is energy,  energy is vibration and vibration is movement.

Read the rest of this entry

Open your Mind….

Taking a break and writing about my first love today…..

I am wondering…

how many of you have ever entertained the thought of Immortality?  I am not referring to Immortality of the Spirit/Soul….that’s a given.  Afterall, we know that we are pure energy…and, you can’t kill energy.  It simply changes form.

What I am referring to is Immortality of your present body.  Ok, so I can already hear “that’s impossible.”  Is it really?  Have you examined the possibility?  Have you allowed your mind to reach beyond it’s present set of instructions?

This life is all about consciousness.  What conscious level are you operating from?  Most people accept death as a given. We are raised by that conscious level from the time we are born.  So, we simply accept it.

There is another way into the Higher Realm…a front door so to speak.  It is reserved for those who have consciously taken control of their lives…in thought, word and action.  You are no longer buffeted by whatever blows into your life from without.  You control your life from within….your thoughts, your words,  your actions.  How powerful is that?

I had a personal awakening to Immortality 30 plus years ago.  I truly had a moment when my consciousness shifted…I felt it.  My best friend Suzen shared this magic with me.  We were reading together when the words lightening bolted off the page and shook our beings like never before. It was then that I knew ecstasy.  My desire has been for nothing else since then.

My consciousness had awakened and the Universe was teaching me about Immortality.  First it was a knowing within…but soon, the Universe dropped books in my lap…books that wrote about this.  Immortality of the body.  It reinforced what I knew.  A knowing needs no defense….it simply is.  You can neither defend it nor change it.  It simply is.  But, it was comforting to know others knew this too…particularly in the beginning when I was a chic learning to fly.   ;)

For you scientific types….it is obvious that science alone will bring us to this level someday.  Just look at the strides made in the last 100 years.  Do you really think mankind will be dying 100…200…300….1000 years into the future?

Why wait for science to figure it out?  You have the power to reach this level yourself.  The key here is your desire.  Mankind holds the secret within himself…and, it patiently waits for our attention.

Walter Russell states that an atom is simply light curled in on itself.  Discoveries in quantum physics have helped us understand that all matter is densely packed light.  Clear away all the dross of limited thinking that keeps you in a limited state and make way for the light to shine through from the center of your atoms and vibrate your entire body.  You become Light because you are Light.  When you remove the dross the only thing left is Light.  It’s like polishing a lens until it is crystal clear and it allows the flow of light. Block the flow with limited thinking and you darken the lens and limit the amount of light you generate!

The light within is perfect.  You are perfect.  When you reach the level of consciousness where you accept these things as your truth…you remove the dross of negative thoughts that have clouded this beautiful perfect vision.  You become Light….for THE TOTALITY OF LIGHT THAT YOU ARE SHINES!

There have been thousands that have reached this level., taken control and arrived at the pinnacle of Glory. Will you be one of them?  Will you be a pioneer in the field of Immortality?  Are you brave enough to think for yourself…to create your own world by your will?

Never, never place limits on yourself.  The minute you accept any kind of limit…such as the thought that you will die… open the door to more of the same thing.

Never, never place limits on yourself.  Open the door to all possibility.  Be Grand!! Your life will transform before your eyes.

All things are possible else you could not think them!  Accept your inheritance…become all that you were destined to be.  Understand your true purpose here on earth.  The earth is your platform to evolve into the next species.  Did you really think that evolution stopped with our present status as Homo sapiens?

“The body, our body, is the site of the battle of the next species.”
Satprem  ….”The Mind of the Cell”

When you reach the point of questioning things such as “death” then you have arrived at the pinnacle of thought.

Allow the expansion of your mind to occur.  Broaden your horizon to accept it all!  Imagine taking that narrow mind and blasting it to Eternity until it had room for all possibilities!

Your choice.

The earth is evolving.  We are evolving.  The Universe is evolving.  Become a conscious co-creator instead of a bystander.

Take control!

Love all that you are including your body.  Spiritualize your body for it is your vehicle to evolve into…..Homo Luminous.  Your evolution must take place here on earth.  You must create this being with your willed consciousness.

Don’t take my word for it….turn within.  Your answers are there…but, you must ask.  If you resonate with these words then explore the possibilities….your Christ Self/Higher Self has been waiting for this moment….the moment you turn within and ask.  There are no limits in life…only those that you place on yourself.

Love the journey enough to always desire more.  Desire is the fuel that drives evolution  Will your evolution into Godhood into existence.  It is the next step on the divine journey.  I can only imagine what is in store for us after that!

And, always reach back for those behind you……..and, so it goes.  On and on into Eternity.

Celebrating the greatness of Mankind,


The Red Rose

I know it’s time to get back to informing my readers about some great Internet Marketing ideas and tips, but there is something I must do first.

Some of you may be wondering what that red rose is doing on my header.  In fact, I said in a previous post that I would reveal why it was put there in a future post.

Here’s the warm explanation.

My 24 year old niece Kerry passed to the other side on Dec. 9th 2007.  I was at her beside with her mom Barb when she transited.  By the time I arrived in Denver Kerry was not at all coherent….(although her eyes were open and staring) and on many pain killing medications.  All of her organs were shutting down and the first two days I was there there was no response at all in her face or in her eyes to any kind of gesture from any of us.  She was simply being kept alive with machines.

It was strange seeing Kerry like that…all kinds of tubes plugged into her and yet she seemed peaceful.  Soon we met with the doctors and it was decided that her family needed to remove the life support and let Kerry go to the higher heavens.  I cannot tell you how difficult that decision was.

That night while we were all sleeping in the waiting room Barb bolted straight up (it was about 5 in the morning. and we have now come to understand that it was Kerry waking her up and telling her to come into the room.)  I peeked out of my eyes and watched as Barb once again went into Kerry’s ICU room.  Suddenly, just a few minutes later she came running back into the waiting area and said Kerry’s awake and giving kisses.  I was up and in that room in a flash.  Immobile. and not moving any other muscles, if you got right up to her face, she puckered her sweet little lips ever so slightly and gave you a kiss  Her mom leaned over and talked with her and she turned her head ever so gently towards her.  I leaned over and told Kerry that she must “be” there for her mom and dad…that they would need her.  She nodded…so slightly…and, I knew she would be.

Within five minutes of waking she was back to her original non-responsive state.

We know now that Kerry had been gone for a while and that her angels and guides allowed her to come back and say good-bye to her mother and dad…and brother.  I was lucky to have been there to receive the blessing too.  It was an experience I will never, ever forget.  The heavens gave Kerry and her family the time they desperately needed…to say good-bye….before she left us…physically….to became FREE.

Not long before Kerry went into the hospital for the last time she asked her mom to pick her up a coloring book at the store (it was almost as though she was reverting to all her favorite childhood activities.) I can’t remember the name of the book she brought home to her, but it was one of those real thick coloring books.

The next day at Barb’s house she brought out the coloring book….there was only one page…and, one page only that Kerry had colored and it was the picture of a Red Rose….completed.  We knew that was Kerry’s sign to her mom that she will always be with her.  There have since been other very obvious signs with the Red Rose, but this one was so powerful.  I was also told (by my guides) to read the last paragraph of Bette Midler’s song “The Rose” at her passing celebration.

Every website or blog that I put up will now feature a red rose some place for all to see for I know Kerry is here helping me… every way she can, to succeed.  I can feel her presence.

We love you and miss you Kerry but we know that you are now singing with the Angel Choir and shining your bright spirit upon everyone.


Aunt Kathy

If any of you have time here is a video of Angel Kerry (it’s only a minute long) when she was in high school singing the lead….she had an amazing voice.

The Rose

When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been too long
and you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong
Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed
that with the sun’s love
in the spring
becomes the rose

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