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Outsourcing Resources

The next most commonly asked question about outsourcing after “How much is it going to cost me” is “Where can I find someone who is qualified to help me?” Read the rest of this entry

Outsourcing Costs

With all this talk about outsourcing, I am sure you are wondering by now how much these services are going to cost you. You’re not alone…that’s probably the most asked outsourcing question.  Since we’re talking about a ‘relative’ issue here and not a fixed one (every single business has a different set of needs attached to it, and not all business’ will use the same services), it is impossible to give you an exact amount, but it is possible to give you an idea of costs.

Generally there are two types of costs involved with outsourcing depending on the type work completed and/or the level of experience and expertise your contractors offer, payment will be set up one of two ways: Read the rest of this entry

Membership Site Gold

Last week while doing a little research in Clickbank, I bumped into a wonderful site that I would like to introduce you to.

Chris Farrell Being the ever curious type I poked around a bit and discovered that I had hit on a bit of a goldmine.  This membership site is a complete resource for those serious about creating a regular and continuous income online.  Chris himself is very much evident on the site and introduces himself via video.  I was immediately comfortable and curious about this rather spunky, feel-good kind of guy that I got great vibes on.  Somehow you just come away knowing this person is genuine and cares about your success.

Here’s some of what you get with membership:

  1. Free unlimited webhosting…unlimited bandwidth and disk space.
  2. Exclusive rights to give away “Create Your First Website by Three this Afternoon…the ebook”
  3. Exclusive rights to use the exact website that has built Chris a list of over 15,000 in just over a year.
  4. Free techie help…worth $50 an hour
  5. Free immediate access to “Create Your First Website by Three this Afternoon…the videos….43 videos spanning 6 hours.
  6. Free access to the lively forum
  7. over 320 how to videos…all by Chris
  8. Fully downloadable library

The list goes on and on…just too much to list here.  I was very impressed with the list of  quality free item’s and services available to members.  Of course I went in and checked the forum out too…it is, in fact, a very active forum with Chris’ participation.

The thing I liked most, and one of the things that kept me there was his attention to the newbie.  Although there are a lot of membership sites out there that mentor people to success, a good deal of these are for those already somewhat in the Internet game.  So many of these sites think they are addressing the newbie, when in fact they gloss over so many details in their videos that simply leave the newbie more confused than ever.  The videos on this site explain everything in detail.

Along with Chris, there are two founding members that also contribute on a regular basis.  Dave Hardin is the resident writer/copywriter with excellent credentials.  Dave has also written for some of the most successful guru’s out there.  I wanted to see how accessible Dave was so I dropped him an email.  Within the hour I received an answer…I was impressed. Although Dave is busy finishing a book and is not taking on any ‘article writing’ projects at present, he offered to edit my articles (he even offered to rewrite a few!) and help me construct them correctly…with tips and strategies…all for free because I was a member.  Remember, at this point I’ve only paid $4.95 for the trial run.  I thought that kind of attention was phenomenal!

Besides being a Platinum Ezine Expert Author, Dave has been awarded the oDesk Top Writer Award.  This award signifies that the author ranks among the top 25 out of 250,000 providers based on successfully completed assignments, hours billed and feedback from clients.  Here’s a person who just offered to rewrite a few articles for me for free!  Dave’s most recent project  “The Ghostwriter Goes Public” is being released and with this link you can get it at a special ‘members price’ even though you are not a member.  The price will go up $20 when it goes public.

The other very important team member is Jeff Hope…better known on the site as “Jeff the web guy.”  Jeff is their techie genius and is willing to help you with any project/product that you may be struggling with.  I haven’t been in contact with Jeff yet, but his credentials are impressive.  Jeff’s been a web user since 1993 and building websites since 1995 and a web programmer from 1997-2001.  He lives and breathes online marketing and is happy to share his knowledge with members.  He is also active on the forum.

I am sure you can see by now why I was impressed with this fairly new (started in 2009) membership site.  But, the best way for you to see if it is a good fit for you is to head on over to Chris Farrell and watch the free videos on “A Successful Web Business Explained…Step by Step.”   This is a 26 video set (five hours of video) with a value of $197 and you can watch for free.image-1

The combination of Chris and his enthusiasm and desire to help others succeed online, Dave’s incredible credentials as a writer and Jeff’s equally impressive credentials as a techie guy are all great reasons to be checking out Chris Farrell   He offers a 14 day trial run at $4.95 with recurring billing at $27.00 a month.  If nothing else, head on over and watch the free videos…he doesn’t even require an opt-in to view them!

Let me know what you think…



In a few previous posts, I talked at length about how important it is to have a forum and how a forum can contribute so many things to your membership site.

Not only can you achieve more by having a forum on your site, you can benefit by visiting and joining other forums.  Forums take a lot of people who would otherwise be scattered and gathers them together in one spot for you.

Recently I joined Randy Smith’s MoreMonthly and, within the site is a forum that I quickly joined.  Since then I have not only met some new friends and supporters, but three of these people were generous enough to visit my blog and take the time to comment. The system really does work.  When I think of the word networking, I always think  in terms of setting yourself up for something in the future.  There is no better place to network than the Internet.  And the perfect place to network is within a forum.

I am currently in John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass and I cannot say enough good things about it.  Because of my awesome experience in class, when I started getting emails from all the top marketers about Alex Jeffrey’s marketing class opening up…well I was tempted.  But, I knew I had enough on my plate for the present moment so I had to let it pass…at least this time…;)

But, while I was learning my way around Randy’s MoreMonthly forum…gathering as many tips and strategies as I could, I noticed that one of them mentioned being a student in Alex’s class and was writing a post about getting indexed by Google fast.  I followed the link to read what he had to say.  I learned a great deal about how to get indexed fast….make sure you follow both links in his blog post.  I highly recommend this post if you want to learn more about how to get indexed fast by Google.  I went to every link they had on the list and learned some interesting stuff about my blog!

Additionally, I noticed on Keith’s homepage the link to student blogs in Alex’s class.  So, I’ve spent a little time visiting them and commenting and I plan on returning to a few on a regular basis.

I may not be in Alex’s class but I can benefit from learning from those that are in Alex’s class.  🙂networking

Couple that with my own class and classmates and I’ve got the best of all worlds in my opinion.

Ok, so I just now noticed that I got another comment on one of my blog posts.  This time it is from someone within Alex’s class…someone whose blog I had visited and left a comment on….after discovering it on Keith’s blog roll.  And, how did this whole process start?  By joining and contributing to a forum.

You see, networking really does work!

It really is just the little things that will make you a grand success.

Till next time…


Twitter Buttons

Twitter Button from

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t know about Twitter by now?  You’d have to have been living under a rock to not know about Twitter these days and it continues to grow in popularity.  Even if you are not a blogger or website owner yet, you can’t miss the reports on t.v. Twitter is being used as a personal ‘stay in touch medium,’  to a business platform to connect with your followers and introduce them to your products.

Stars use Twitter, Corporations use Twitter, small business’ use Twitter, individuals use Twitter and families use Twitter.

Seems everyone…including Hollywood’s finest are using Twitter these days.  It wasn’t long ago that Demi Moore was credited with saving someone’s life for her intervention via Twitter.  She also posted a link to a pic of herself in the dentist chair…with one tooth missing!  Twitter is literally bringing Hollywood from a distant untouchable entity to one that you can personally connect to the stars with by signing up to follow them on Twitter.

If you do not already have an account, sign up for one here:  Twitter

Dave Nicholson (a successful Internet marketer) once said of Twitter: “Twitter is the preferred hang-out for Internet Marketers.”  That’s all I needed to hear to sign-up.

Although I must admit that I still have a lot to learn about Twitter and how to use it to get the best results, it is high on my list of to-do things.  There is software you can buy into that will get you followers automatically.  Eventually I will probably buy into one of those, but for the time being I am content with watching how my Twitter list grows on it’s own.

So, starting today, I am going to spend more time understanding this strange 21st Century model of staying in touch and promotion…Twitter.

If you surf the net at all I am sure you’ve seen all the cute Twitter buttons that are being used by bloggers and website owners. I’ve been searching around on the Internet this morning for a cute little Twitter button I can use on my blog.

For those of you that do not already have one, here are some sources of Twitter buttons for you to use to add to your blog or website.  There is something for everyone…big ones, small ones, skinny ones, fat ones, ones that blink, ones that move…and, they are all free and very easy to use…just type in your Twitter id in the box on top and it will generate your twitter button code for you.  Then, all you have to do is place the code to your blog or website.




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