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Is there anyone out there that doesn’t know about Twitter by now?  You’d have to have been living under a rock to not know about Twitter these days and it continues to grow in popularity.  Even if you are not a blogger or website owner yet, you can’t miss the reports on t.v. Twitter is being used as a personal ‘stay in touch medium,’  to a business platform to connect with your followers and introduce them to your products.

Stars use Twitter, Corporations use Twitter, small business’ use Twitter, individuals use Twitter and families use Twitter.

Seems everyone…including Hollywood’s finest are using Twitter these days.  It wasn’t long ago that Demi Moore was credited with saving someone’s life for her intervention via Twitter.  She also posted a link to a pic of herself in the dentist chair…with one tooth missing!  Twitter is literally bringing Hollywood from a distant untouchable entity to one that you can personally connect to the stars with by signing up to follow them on Twitter.

If you do not already have an account, sign up for one here:  Twitter

Dave Nicholson (a successful Internet marketer) once said of Twitter: “Twitter is the preferred hang-out for Internet Marketers.”  That’s all I needed to hear to sign-up.

Although I must admit that I still have a lot to learn about Twitter and how to use it to get the best results, it is high on my list of to-do things.  There is software you can buy into that will get you followers automatically.  Eventually I will probably buy into one of those, but for the time being I am content with watching how my Twitter list grows on it’s own.

So, starting today, I am going to spend more time understanding this strange 21st Century model of staying in touch and promotion…Twitter.

If you surf the net at all I am sure you’ve seen all the cute Twitter buttons that are being used by bloggers and website owners. I’ve been searching around on the Internet this morning for a cute little Twitter button I can use on my blog.

For those of you that do not already have one, here are some sources of Twitter buttons for you to use to add to your blog or website.  There is something for everyone…big ones, small ones, skinny ones, fat ones, ones that blink, ones that move…and, they are all free and very easy to use…just type in your Twitter id in the box on top and it will generate your twitter button code for you.  Then, all you have to do is place the code to your blog or website.






By TwitterIcon.com

Keep the Faith

Taking a bit of a break this morning from serious talk to something more inspirational.  We all have moments when we just need something to inspire us to keep on keeping on…with whatever vision it is we are trying to achieve.

A few months ago my 25 year old daughter who lives with me sent me a link to this song by Miley Cyrus.  She has followed my progress with this course from the beginning…through the trials and errors…through the triumphs and struggles…through the laughter and tears.  I continue to be amazed at the wisdom of the young.  It made me cry when I first played it because it reminded me that not only do I need to keep my vision alive and pushing towards it…but, to live in the precious moment…and as one of our most esteemed, wise classmates Mandy Allen (mandyallen.com) always says “enjoy the journey.”  If we are not enjoying the ride…then we’re missing out on the most important element of all…the JOY life brings in every moment.

So, from my daughter to me…to you:

The Ever Morphing Blog

For those of you who have stopped by recently, you are obviously aware of the changes with my blog design.  My son continues to work at it…trying to please his ever fickle mom!

I really like the header on this one.  Classy and simple.  I thought I would like the blog theme…but, I am feeling squeezed in with the columns on both sides.  My son has a theme like this one…but, his spreads across the whole page…which in my opinion works with a column on both sides.  If you want to take a look…CDDobson.com.  As you can see, it really works here…but not so much in a narrower application in my humble opinion.  So, I need to spread myself out or go back to the original theme.

So, it’s back to the drawing board!  I may keep the header and put it on the original theme…or go with something new altogether.  At least as long as my son’s patience keeps up….and, I’ll give him credit where credit is due….he has been patient!

There are some applications I really like about this theme.  First off, you are so much more in control.  The opt-in box on the right is a widget, so all I have to do is go into my widgets and pull it up and I can write whatever I want in that box.  You don’t have to go near code…and, for me that’s a good thing.  I don’t like messing with code.  It makes me nervous!  Maybe someday when I’ve been at this for years!  I love the little buttons that light up as you pass over them….and there are other things I like too…just not sure about the lay-out.

I’ll stick with it for a few days…afterall, I live with the designer!

If you have some comments…I’d love to hear them.  Maybe that would help me to make up my mind!



Blog Make-over

For those of you who have been here before, you can see that my blog is getting a face-lift.  My son who just finished digital design class is working on a new header and footer and maybe even a new theme altogether.

Nothing is permanent yet…so please be patient and check back often this week as we work the final details out.  I may go back to the original theme, just change the colors and add a new header and footer….it’s all up in the air yet!  I really like this new theme….the page flows nicely, and it’s not near as boxy feeling.  Unfortunately, it’s not the ideal theme for Search Engine Optimization.  I need a third column and with this theme you can only add that third column on the left hand side…I want two columns together on the right side.    😉

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Machu Picchu

I needed to post a video….part of what I am learning. I thought I would share my dream…my dream of going to Machu Picchu and Peru. What a magical, mystical place. How could anyone not want to go here? It is said that anyone who travels to Machu Picchu comes home a changed person.

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