It wasn’t long after I wrote my last post on “Fiverr” and the clones that are appearing all over the net that I received two notices from other Fiverrr Clone creators.

I love proactive people so I’ve decided to give these two passionate entrepreneurs their proper due by writing a blog post outlining some of the advantages of using these two new sites that were brought to my attention.

First up: Fourerr The $4 Online Marketplace

As the name implies (an you have most likely figured out on your own) this site charges $4.00 for each service performed instead of the $5 fee that Fiverr charges.

Alex Bain the CEO of Fourerr claims they have the same providers (I did not check against the providers on Fiverr but I would not be surprised if many are the same)….but you are charged 20% less at $4 rather than $5 a task.

I am all about saving money when possible so I think this site is definitely worth checking out. Fiverr remains the most popular…it was the first of its kind…but competition is good.

Fourerr is a newer site than some but their traffic is ranked #2 according to

One more site was brought to my attention and this one has really caught my eye because they are focused on Internet marketers.

Jason from Gigs For Gurus contacted me to let me to inform me of this site that is a bit different than most of these cloned Fiverr sites. If you’ve been to any of these “bargain basement sites” you will have noticed that you can get all types of services on these sites including weird and bizarre stuff.

Now, I see nothing wrong with weird and bizarre but I really like the fact that someone focused on Internet marketing and left the bizarre to the other sites. This site was set up as the Internet Marketing Marketplace…for people to buy/sell their IM products/services at their own price.

As you can see from the screen shot below, they even feature : “Warrior Special Offers” (for those not familiar, these are offers from marketers who frequent the Warrior Forum)

There are not a lot of vendor choices within each category yet. But, as more and more people discover the power and ease of using these sites the choices will grow.

I truly hope this site takes off because I appreciate the fact that you do not have to wade through a bunch of silly stuff in order to get some serious stuff done.

I have no doubt that you will see clones of this clone showing up 😉

Marketing online is a huge niche with more comers every day. I wish these sites had been around a few years ago…it sure would have made those techie jobs that I struggled with a whole lost easier and saved me a ton of stress!

It gets easier everyday to open up shop online in the way of a blog or ecommerce site and these sites make it very easy for anyone to succeed…even through those techie bumps that have sidelined and discouraged others in the past.

If you come online with desire and passion there really is nothing keeping you from succeeding. No more techie excuses or writing excuses…or any excuses. 😉 Getting help online is easier and quicker than ever with more choices showing up every day.

Here’s a quick update on that issue with TaskArmy and Camtasia.

Everyone that I know that ordered this through TaskArmy has gotten their money back.

I initially thought that I had not received my refund but it was there in Paypal in “all transactions.”

So, I congratulate Aymeric for returning all the money that would have been earned on something that wasn’t legal. There is proof that he is honest and upfront so I don’t think you will have any problems with TaskArmy.

And, just so you are aware…if you buy a service from TaskArmy that is legal and you change you mind you will only get a credit back to use towards other services. There is no money return on orders unless of course you can prove their illegal existence.

Update from Aymeric:

Just a clarification about, you CAN request a withdrawal and get your money back into your Paypal account. Simply click the “Request withdrawal” button. It’s that simple :)

Enjoy the two new sites listed and let me know if you find any more 😉


Fun Fact:

Did You Know? was the first domain name ever registered? First registered on March 15, 1985.

(1985??? I didn’t even know the Internet existed then) 😉


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