I know it’s time to get back to informing my readers about some great Internet Marketing ideas and tips, but there is something I must do first.

Some of you may be wondering what that red rose is doing on… Continue reading

Hourglass NebulaHere is a picture of MyCn18, also called the Hourglass Nebula.  This nebula is located in the constellation of Musca and is approximately 8000 light years from earth.  The picture was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope… Continue reading

Recently I ran into a program I’d like to introduce you to called  AudioGenerator.  Basically it is an audio recording and hosting service that can double your pulling-power of direct response websites.   Your… Continue reading

Most likely there are lots of you reading this that have already viewed this video.  But, I was so moved when I watched it (I’ve actually watched it three times) that I thought posting it here was well worth… Continue reading