Membership Master

If creating a membership site from scratch is your thing, I discovered an awesome series of videos that you can purchase to get  you going on setting up your membership site.   Membership Master is a collection of 8 Professionally recorded videos that will teach you everything you need to know about setting up your own membership site and installing AmemberPro.  This series will get you through the tough technical issues you encounter when setting up a membership script.

Among other things…you will learn:

  1. what tools you need before you start
  2. how to plan your site out
  3. how to set up and organize your download and welcome page
  4. how to set up a Word Press blog
  5. how to set up a forum
  6. how to install the AMemberPro membership script…this is where it gets technical and could be a major road block if you are not proficient in techie stuff.  Let Dave get you past all those kinks with his step by step video.
  7. how to create products and protect your files with the script
  8. testing your membership site to make sure it works

These videos were created by the Master himself, Dave Nicholson…who has created many successful membership sites.  The cost is exceptionally good at $47.00 for an instant download.  That’s for the entire video package.  Of course Dave has promised a complete refund if you are not happy with your package.

If Amember Pro is your choice of subscription software this video series is for you.

Membership Master

Till next time….


Ideas for Membership Sites…

Membership sites are truly the trend.  If you don’t believe me, just Google membership sites and see what others are saying.  Today, let’s explore some ideas for membership sites.

As always, it’s easy to feel a sort of ‘block’ the minute we assign a task to our minds such as coming up with a theme for our site.  So, let’s loosen that block and get those juices flowing.

Start writing down all the things you are passionate about.  What excites you and gets your adrenaline flowing?  Do you have any specific skills and the ability to teach these to others?  How about that hobby of yours that people rave about? These ideas are your comfort zone.  Staying with a topic you are passionate about will keep you interested, which will translate to great content for your membership site.

Remember, we are looking at membership sites as long term.  There will be on going research and diligent effort in keeping your members interested.  Different than writing a book where you put the information down once and move onto something else.

Some of the wisest gurus are setting up membership sites as their retirement income.  There is a model of  a membership site that teaches a course and can last a defined amount of time, let’s say 12 months to complete the course.  But we’re going to focus on long term membership sites.

Below I’ve listed some ideas that would make great membership sites.  Maybe you can find your niche topic within them or they at least will loosen you up enough to see how wide spread the possibilities are.

Health/medical….always a hot topic and one that is researched a great deal on the net

Family/parenting….now, that’s a subject that will never go away.  Use the skills you have obtained through experience to help others.  New parents are always looking for guidance and we all know that children are our most prized asset.

Caring for the Elderly….the age span of humans is on the rise.  Can you help others with this growing trend?

Travel…this field literally covers the world.  Have you been in a business where you traveled alot?  Can you share ideas and tips about certain locations?

Employment….unemployment is on the rise and people are seeking help in finding jobs, writing resumes and any tips that could give them an edge in landing employment.  Do you have some expertise in this area, or maybe you’ve experienced job loss yourself and found a shortcut to finding that perfect job.  An interactive forum would be ideal for these members.

Starting a business….with huge corporations folding every day, there are more and more people looking to start their own business.

Entertainment….with all the stress related issues going on in people’s lives, some light hearted entertainment might just be the ticket.  Start a paid membership site for music or movie downloads for example.

This list could go on and on.  The topics I’ve listed, are broad range topics, most of them have numerous niches within those niches.

Still can’t come up with an idea?  Here’s a few examples of membership sites that I have come across that I must admit even surprised me.  It just might help to loosen that mental block.

Bounce Houses

Sharing fishing tales

Dog Trainer Club

Public Domain Central

Drawing Tutorials

Some of these are monthly subscriptions, some bi-monthly and some yearly.  In every case, they are earning the owner money.  The possibilities are endless.

Do you see the potential for yourself?

To your success….


The Value of Membership Sites….

There is an online business model I’d like you to get acquainted with.  This business model is Membership Sites.  Although Membership Sites have been around for sometime now, the past few years have seen a huge leap in the amount of  Membership Sites online.

Membership sites can come in many forms.  They can be totally free sites requiring only a sign up.  Or, they can be paid Membership Sites requiring a sign up and a recurring payment. Payments can be once a month, every three months or whatever payment structure you decide on….depending on what the  market dictates.  Sometimes Membership Sites are free but offer a paid upgrade (such as a gold membership) with more info, videos etc.  Once the sign up is complete your reader is mailed a password for entrance.  Some Membership Sites include a forum where you can share ideas with others and develop relationships.  Personally I think adding a forum can be a very important element as people then get connected to others and it becomes a circle of friends….beyond just the business model.

The beauty of a paid Membership site is obvious…recurring residual income….not to be confused with passive income because it does require on going attention and work.  But, the beauty of it is this….your work reaches all your readers at one time through your Membership site.  This creates leveraged income.  Leveraged income delivers value to one person or a group of people at the same time.

How many people can you reach with your Membership site?

We are all familiar with musicians and actors…they often receive residual income for a product they produced one time such as a CD or movie.  The same principles apply to paid Membership sites.  Your customer signs up once and they are billed on an on going basis….producing recurring income for you.  Get enough readers interested in your topic to sign up and stay signed up and you can create quite a nice recurring income for yourself.  And, retire early…  😉

The trick isn’t so much to get your readers to sign up….but to retain your readers once they do sign up!

Membership sites do take monitoring…and continual great content to keep your readers coming back.  You can write your own content or outsource some or all of it depending on your budget…or possibly some of both.  If you are really passionate about your topic, writing your own posts will allow your personality and passion to show through and that’s something that your readers will connect with.  Readers feel more than we give them credit for and “feeling” someone’s passion through your content can be addictive to your readers.

Bottom line is you want to keep your readers.  They are your cash cow.  Keep them happy…and hungry…always looking forward to coming  back for more.  They signed up to your site to learn something…teach them well, and they will come…and stay.

Create enough residual, recurring income for yourself….and the lifestyle of your dreams will manifest.  More importantly you create FREEDOM for yourself.  You are no longer tied to a brick and mortar environment but can operate your business from any where in the world that you can get an Internet connection.

Now that’s freedom!  Next we’ll continue our exploration into Membership Sites and the value they add to your life….and finances.  😉

To your FREEDOM and mine,


Open your Mind….

Taking a break and writing about my first love today…..

I am wondering…

how many of you have ever entertained the thought of Immortality?  I am not referring to Immortality of the Spirit/Soul….that’s a given.  Afterall, we know that we are pure energy…and, you can’t kill energy.  It simply changes form.

What I am referring to is Immortality of your present body.  Ok, so I can already hear “that’s impossible.”  Is it really?  Have you examined the possibility?  Have you allowed your mind to reach beyond it’s present set of instructions?

This life is all about consciousness.  What conscious level are you operating from?  Most people accept death as a given. We are raised by that conscious level from the time we are born.  So, we simply accept it.

There is another way into the Higher Realm…a front door so to speak.  It is reserved for those who have consciously taken control of their lives…in thought, word and action.  You are no longer buffeted by whatever blows into your life from without.  You control your life from within….your thoughts, your words,  your actions.  How powerful is that?

I had a personal awakening to Immortality 30 plus years ago.  I truly had a moment when my consciousness shifted…I felt it.  My best friend Suzen shared this magic with me.  We were reading together when the words lightening bolted off the page and shook our beings like never before. It was then that I knew ecstasy.  My desire has been for nothing else since then.

My consciousness had awakened and the Universe was teaching me about Immortality.  First it was a knowing within…but soon, the Universe dropped books in my lap…books that wrote about this.  Immortality of the body.  It reinforced what I knew.  A knowing needs no defense….it simply is.  You can neither defend it nor change it.  It simply is.  But, it was comforting to know others knew this too…particularly in the beginning when I was a chic learning to fly.   😉

For you scientific types….it is obvious that science alone will bring us to this level someday.  Just look at the strides made in the last 100 years.  Do you really think mankind will be dying 100…200…300….1000 years into the future?

Why wait for science to figure it out?  You have the power to reach this level yourself.  The key here is your desire.  Mankind holds the secret within himself…and, it patiently waits for our attention.

Walter Russell states that an atom is simply light curled in on itself.  Discoveries in quantum physics have helped us understand that all matter is densely packed light.  Clear away all the dross of limited thinking that keeps you in a limited state and make way for the light to shine through from the center of your atoms and vibrate your entire body.  You become Light because you are Light.  When you remove the dross the only thing left is Light.  It’s like polishing a lens until it is crystal clear and it allows the flow of light. Block the flow with limited thinking and you darken the lens and limit the amount of light you generate!

The light within is perfect.  You are perfect.  When you reach the level of consciousness where you accept these things as your truth…you remove the dross of negative thoughts that have clouded this beautiful perfect vision.  You become Light….for THE TOTALITY OF LIGHT THAT YOU ARE SHINES!

There have been thousands that have reached this level., taken control and arrived at the pinnacle of Glory. Will you be one of them?  Will you be a pioneer in the field of Immortality?  Are you brave enough to think for yourself…to create your own world by your will?

Never, never place limits on yourself.  The minute you accept any kind of limit…such as the thought that you will die… open the door to more of the same thing.

Never, never place limits on yourself.  Open the door to all possibility.  Be Grand!! Your life will transform before your eyes.

All things are possible else you could not think them!  Accept your inheritance…become all that you were destined to be.  Understand your true purpose here on earth.  The earth is your platform to evolve into the next species.  Did you really think that evolution stopped with our present status as Homo sapiens?

“The body, our body, is the site of the battle of the next species.”
Satprem  ….”The Mind of the Cell”

When you reach the point of questioning things such as “death” then you have arrived at the pinnacle of thought.

Allow the expansion of your mind to occur.  Broaden your horizon to accept it all!  Imagine taking that narrow mind and blasting it to Eternity until it had room for all possibilities!

Your choice.

The earth is evolving.  We are evolving.  The Universe is evolving.  Become a conscious co-creator instead of a bystander.

Take control!

Love all that you are including your body.  Spiritualize your body for it is your vehicle to evolve into…..Homo Luminous.  Your evolution must take place here on earth.  You must create this being with your willed consciousness.

Don’t take my word for it….turn within.  Your answers are there…but, you must ask.  If you resonate with these words then explore the possibilities….your Christ Self/Higher Self has been waiting for this moment….the moment you turn within and ask.  There are no limits in life…only those that you place on yourself.

Love the journey enough to always desire more.  Desire is the fuel that drives evolution  Will your evolution into Godhood into existence.  It is the next step on the divine journey.  I can only imagine what is in store for us after that!

And, always reach back for those behind you……..and, so it goes.  On and on into Eternity.

Celebrating the greatness of Mankind,


What a valuable piece of information….

Checked into my email this morning to find a nice gift.  You just never know what might be lurking behind that mail click.  To my surprise this morning was a lead to a page that listed 556 resources for online success.  This is as comprehensive as it gets.  I haven’t had time to go through the list and check each link out, but I can easily see the value in this golden gem.

Using your time wisely is one of the most valuable aspects of success.  No doubt this is going to save me hours of search and you can be sure I am going to keep this list close at hand to reference.

Many thanks to Keith for sharing such valuable information.  I am constantly amazed at the incredible minds I have aligned myself with.  That’s an important message too.  Read that sentence again.

If you are a beginner…or even a seasoned pro, aligning yourself with those ahead of you on this journey is as important as any aspect of this business.  Never for once believe you know it all.  Always stay in the position of student…even while you are teaching and you will continue to learn.  Believe you know it all….and soon….in the big picture, you will know nothing.

Learn from others, share what you know…and success will follow!

That’s living the laws folks.  Give and receive….and so it goes….  😉

Check it out.

Free Resources

Thanks again Keith!



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