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Woo Hoo…Today we cover….Blog Contests…


It’s no secret that blog contests are all the rage right now and if you are a passionate blogger, most likely you’ve thought about holding your own blog contest. But where do you start?

The first thing you should define before holding your contest is the objective.

For the most part your contest objectives will either be directed towards improving an element that already exists within your blog…something internal to your blog’s success such as active participation from your readers…or

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Is here (October always signifies fall for me)…and, I am loving it! Fall is my favorite time of year…with color change, crisp scents, tattered leaves…and Halloween!

Many of you already know that I am a student in Sally Neill’s awesome…… Continue reading

That was so hard!!!

I finally finished my lesson from…not last week but the week before! In actuality it did not take me that long…but I must admit it took many “takes” and “retakes” to get it right.

We completed video mania part 3…and I had to make a video of myself speaking about something. Sally left the door open…this something could have been as simple as reading a poem in front of the camera.

Admittedly this is the part of of the video modules that scared me the most. Heck…I love working in PowerPoint and Camtasia…capturing screen shots and making cool slides….no problem.

but me in the video…..??? Yikes…

Was there any way I could get around this?

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As I sit here contemplating what type of Power Point video that I want to create to complete my lesson for this week in “Learn With Sally”….

it dawned on me that it was time to run my September contest (I am thinking of running one every month)…

with that in mind…and the need to conserve time….

I decided to make a Power Point video about my new blog contest. So, bare with me as I give you the details of my September Crazy Contest…

Curious as I am, I researched a bit on blog contests and it seems they are a very hot ticket right now 😉

Not surprising considering blogging itself is really in it’s infancy and just starting to take off with the general population.

So, not only have I created another contest, I’ve made a video detailing the particulars. I needed video practice and this was a perfect opportunity. You have to make use of every minute these days.

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