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Crazy Cash Membership Sites


Crazy Cash Membership Sites

I got some great news the other day from Clickbank that I had sold another ebook. Every time I receive those emails they produce a euphoric feeling… after working for months to get it done along with the sales page.

So, I thought it time to introduce my own circle of friends  to my new ebook called “Crazy Cash Membership Sites.” If you are not familiar with membership sites, they are simply websites that charge some sort of fee to access some or all of the material presented on the site.  There are also free membership sites that are created to capture your email address for their ‘list.’ This are discussed at length in my book.

What most people do not realize is how hot these membership sites have become. There is a reason for that….residual income.  The kind that comes in on a steady, recurring basis month after month.  There is no better way to create security for yourself and your family  than to have streams of recurring income. Read the rest of this entry

Tweet Dynamite…Grab it at a Discount

Are you having trouble trying to keep up with all the marketing tools that you need to implement into your business? If so, read on as today I want to introduce you to a time-saving product from Dave Nicholson that will literally explode your Twitter followers.  But, the best part about it is that it is all automated…once you have it set up, it runs on it’s own with very little maintenance from you.   This totally awesome product called ‘Tweet Dynamite’ is Dave Nicholson’s newest release.

Basically, this high quality video series shows you everything you need to do from scratch to totally ‘Explode’ your Twitter followers.  Dave doesn’t miss a beat and covers every detail in an easy to follow manner.  Even the newest bloggers and webmasters will have no trouble following along. Read the rest of this entry

Renewable Energy Explained

energy3Recently I had the pleasure of reading “Renewable Energy Explained” the wonderful new ebook created by Jay and Lynne Mueller. It’s not often that I review a product outside the marketing realm, but our environment is pleading with us to pay attention and “Renewable Energy Explained” gives you all the education you need to do your part in helping to heal our planet and keep it safe and healthy long into the future.  But, the best part about it is the way it is presented.  Forget text book type reading, this ebook is highly organized and easy to read…it simply flows all the way to the end.

Here’s the full review:

Renewable Energy Explained – All you need to know to Go Green!

It’s great to finally see that somebody has thought of the little guys when creating a product.

Jay and Lynne Mueller have really simplified what renewable energy is plus how and why to go green. But that is not all, they show you how to go green and SAVE MONEY at the same time.

What Do You Get When You Invest in this Book?

Learn the what, how and why to Go Green with a brand new ebook called “Renewable Energy Explained” from Jay and Lynne Mueller.

* What is Renewable Energy and Alternative Energy?  This is all explained in their eBook.

* How do you go green?  It simpler than you think.  Jay and Lynne explain the simple things that you can change in your life to help the planet and save you money at the same time.

* Why should you go green?  This book gives you all the details why it
makes sense and what the results can be by going green.

How can I get “Renewable Energy Explained?”  Simple.  Click the link

“Renewable Energy Explained”

Bonus #1: Right now you can also get a second eBook FREE from Jay and Lynne called “Going and Living Green” to sweeten the deal.  This book includes more details about improving our planet for the future.

Bonus #2: In addition to the two terrific eBooks, Jay and Lynne have
included a FREE 10 Part Series about going green and keeping green in your life.

These three products have just about all you need to know to protect our planet in the future while saving a BUNCH OF MONEY!

I think this offer is worth your valuable time and money.  Learn more about this offer at:

Renewable Energy Explained

This is one book we should all own.

Till next time….


Renewable Energy Explained

Discover Life on Your Terms


Discover Life on Your Terms

by Mike Mott

Mike’s great new book is perhaps one of the easiest reads I’ve had in a ong time on the subject of Life enhancement – and believe me, I’ve read a lot! The trouble with most books on this subject is that they usually contain in excess of 300 pages, which, when you’re busy can take an age to read and digest.

This valuable and life strengthening book is succinct, interesting, and well thought-out but with good sound and sensible advice for the non-professional. It is immensely persuasive and for many this could be just the motivational kick start you need. Read the rest of this entry

Creating Soul in your Membership Site

scaleThis morning I want to talk a little about how to create  ‘soul’ within your membership site.

But first we must understand one very basic principle in life…that principle is balance.  Everything in life needs balance.  The old adage “you can’t have one without the other” sums it up quite well.  You can’t have black without white, up without down, in without out….one simply doesn’t exist without the other.  They are the two apposing forces that create life.  Without cold, hot simply has no meaning….nothing to gauge it against.

To achieve success in life…no matter what endeavor we are trying to achieve,…we must apply this principle of balance.  We must copy the success of nature. Read the rest of this entry

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