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100 Blog Comments

Join The Challenge!

100 Blog Comments

A challenge initiated by two of my marketing buddies Steve King and Jacinta Dean. Join the fun and get favor with Google 😉

The goal is to get 100 or more comments on  one designated blog post. Each person who participates designates what blog post is the “contest” one.

Anyone can join...so don’t be shy. Just drop a note to anyone on this list 100 Blog Comments of participating people and let someone know so you can be added to the list. Read the rest of this entry

I heard some exciting news the other day that would be lots of fun to share with you guys. A good friend of mine who is also an Internet marketer,  Sally Neill,  recently won a contest that is going to fetch her a completely new $2,000 blog redo ready to roll! Wow! Read the rest of this entry

Original Product Giveaway

For all of you bargain hunters out there, a brand new Giveaway opened its doors early today called the “Original Products Giveaway.” Now I know that giveaways have become fairly common place on the Internet these days but this one is truly different.

Run by a pair of marketers, Keith Purkiss and Michael Ottman they created this giveaway with one thing in mind. Original Products. Most everything you will find within the walls of this giveaway are new products and services….things that have never been offered before and that you have not seen in another giveaway.

You’ll even find some brand new paid products that are being given away. How bout that!

That is why…no matter how many giveaways you have been to recently it will be worth your while to check this one out.

I myself have entered my brand new e-report ….never been in an giveaway and I just yesterday offered it on my blog.

So, don’t miss this chance to pick up some new material.

Keith and Michael have been in the IM world for sometime now, so they had access to some pretty heavy hitters in this business.  They have called in all favors from these marketers, so the gifts are over the top awesome.

Here’s the link again: “Original Products Giveaway”

This is not just another giveaway 😉


Kathy *

At the end of the last post I promised to update my journey into Tyrone’s Mass Outsource Mastermind course. And, I do promise that I will give a detailed progress report in just a few days. But, I recently ran into a website that I’ve been totally smitten with and there is a contest running there with a time frame that needs to be addressed.

This unique, educating and entertaining site is “Tropical MBA”…and it is the brainchild of Dan Andrew. Dan is a lifestyle designer and location independent entrepreneur…basically what that means is Dan is free to choose his own lifestyle and to pursue his passions independent of any location. He has freedom and mobility to live life as he sees fit.

Dan left the comforts of home in beautiful San Diego over just over 2 years ago, literally leaving everything behind…grabbed his backpack and headed to Asia . He does digital marketing services for his own company now…based in the Philippines and travels whenever he wants because he operates his whole business on the computer.

What would make a successful businessman leave everything behind for an uncertain future? Read the rest of this entry

John Reese…”Outsource Force”…Launch Day

For those of you interested, John Reese has put video 3 and 4 up online leading up to the launch of “Outsource Force” and will be opening this course this afternoon at 4 p.m. EDT.

In video 3 he breaks down all the major ways to make money online and explains how easily all the components can be outsourced.

Go Watch This Crazy Video:

“Outsource Force”

Here’s what he reveals in this free video… Read the rest of this entry

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