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John Reese “Outsource Force”…Second Video

Things are really heating up as John Reese releases his second video leading up to the launch  of “Outsource Force.” If these videos are any indication of what’s inside this course, I remain very interested.

Here’s some of what he shares in this free video: Read the rest of this entry

Just as one opportunity closes it’s doors to your outsourcing education, another opens up. Normally I wouldn’t pay much attention since I’ve already enrolled in Tyrone’s MasterMind, but this one is special and I simply cannot ignore the significance of its launch.

If you have been in the Internet marketing field for any amount of time, the name John Reese will have made its way into your mail box. John is one of the earliest Internet Marketing Guru’s (geez the guy has been doing this since 1990!) and if you haven’t heard of him from that angle, then here’s an angle that you won’t easily forget:

John is the first Internet marketer to earn over $1,000,000 in just over 18 hours promoting a product of his. You read that right…over a million dollars in less than 24 hours on one product launch. How he accomplished that feat is a story in itself, but its very obvious the guy knows what he is doing and draws huge crowds of hungry Internet marketers eager to learn from him.

The reason for this post is that I’ve gotten wind that John is launching “Outsource Force” his new course on outsourcing (his new favorite spot is the Philippines…not surprising) and who knows what other related topics will be covered and taught….

Here’s what you’re going to learn in the first video of a 5 video series leading up to his launch: Read the rest of this entry

“Multiple Streams Theme” by Jimmy Brown

Taking a bit of a break from Outsourcing posts to introduce you to an offer that gives exceptional value and is worth your time to take a look. This offer is time sensitive as it will be removed on the 19th of March, so it needs attention now.

The offer is by Jimmy Brown…marketer extraordinaire…:)

So, exactly what is the offer? Most of you are already aware that Jimmy Brown is retiring all of his existing products. The first round of retired products was a list of his reports that he sold for $10 a piece…by the way, he ended up selling 2,144 reports (that’s a nice little chunk of change 😉 )…but even more than that, it shows how many people believe in Jimmy’s products. Read the rest of this entry

John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass Bonuses

Ok, so it’s just hours before the launch of John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass for 2010 and the excitement is building 😉 If you have not already done so, navigate through one of the links below and get on board.

For those of you already in line, I promised you a list of marketers that I personally know have awesome bonuses attached if you sign up for John’s course under their link. Read the rest of this entry

John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass


As I settle into a new year with a new course I am also reflecting on where I’ve been this last year and how I’ve gotten here. Without a doubt the single most important action step I took last year was to enroll in John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass. After dabbling around the Internet marketing world for a couple of years it was the ACTION step that made all the difference. Read the rest of this entry

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