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JV Giveaway Events

JV Giveaways

If you click on the picture above it will take you to a site that lists numerous JV Events that you can join.

Recently I was invited to join a JV Giveaway event with other marketers offering similar products. It wasn’t long ago that I had no idea what a JV Giveaway event was, so with that in mind,  let me start this post by explaining exactly what a JV Giveaway event is and how it benefits you.

For those of you who are looking for numerous product downloads to choose from, JV Giveaways are right up your alley. In this post, we’re going to concentrate on JV Giveaway Events from a marketers stance.

From a marketers point of view, JV Giveaway events are for one purpose only…that purpose is to build their list.

If you have entertained Internet marketing for any amount of time, you know the first and most important thing for you to have as a marketer is a list of people that you can promote to. Read the rest of this entry

Where is Madeleine McCann? Please Help

I’ve been thinking the past few days about different topics I wanted to cover in my next post when I received the link to this video in my email this morning from another Internet marketer Barry Wells… I was taken with his effort to get this message out and feel the same passion to help. Read the rest of this entry

Recently I downloaded a report from Edge articles titled “Breaking Frames and Increasing Conversions.” This report was written by Dan Raine and I want to give full credit to Edge articles and Dan Raine for this information.

I thought the information in this report important enough to pass on. There are two things that this report covers….breaking frames and optimizing images.

Let’s look at optimizing images first:

Dan spoke of his wife and her seasonal marketing…which until now was done with only a squidoo lens. But Dan noticed that traffic was down over 50% “for the same period last year.” It was time to take action. She added a couple of pages to an existing blog on the same overall theme but not the same market. There was nothing spectacular about this blog….not an authority site with special powers and it had only been up for six months. Read the rest of this entry

MaxBlogPress Optin Form…New Plug In

We all know how important it is to capture the email addresses of anyone visiting your blog that is interested in the content you have to offer.  The best way to do this is to set up an opt in form to capture these leads. This is called your “list”…and, without a list, you have no one to mail to when you have a special offer…free or not.

Today I was introduced to a new FREE product by MaxBlogPress called the MaxBlogPress OptIn Form. What I really want to know is:  where was this product 7-8 months ago when I was trying to create an opt-in box for my blog? 😉 It really was a source of aggravation at the time.

That’s not the case anymore with this new WordPress Plug In.  This plug-in has simplified the whole process to the point where you can do it all from their panel once the program is uploaded to your server.


Here’s some of the things you can do:

  • You can style your opt-in form anyway you want
  • You can place your form almost anywhere on your blog
  • You can easily switch auto-responders/mailing list providers without starting from scratch!
  • Easily insert tracking code to track the effectiveness of your optin form

Great text editor too:

  • Change font, font size, color, alignment of the headline text.
  • Change font, font size, color, alignment of the body text.
  • Insert/edit HTML code to both your form’s headline and body.
  • Customize its background color, border color and thickness.
  • Add a footer below the “Subscribe” button.
  • Customize the “Subscribe” button.
  • Brand your form by inserting your personal logo or other images.


Someone left me a comment and asked if this plug-in works with aWeber. The answer is YES! In step 2 of the process, you go get your code from aWeber and put it in the code box and then hit the “detect button”….and you’re set to go!

MaxBlogPress Optin Form

But, rather than try and list everything you can do with this program, you need to go to MaxBlogPress and check it out for yourself. There is a video you can watch…don’t we just love to watch those easy to understand videos!

I created this form on the bottom of this post this morning and I was having fun changing the box to blue with white lettering and then back to the present colors. I could also have used my header in the background…I tried this, but my header was not suitable they way it was written. It’s a great option though! Additionally, when I tried to place one on my side bar the width would not narrow down enough to fit and the border was over limit a bit. I am sure there is a simple way to fix this too…I just need to spend more time playing with it.

Bottom line is this: there is no reason you should not have a great opt-in box on your WordPress blog with this easy to use plug-in. Way easier than I had it months ago! Remember, this plug-in is FREE!

MaxBlogPress Optin Form

I love anything that makes blogging easier and this is a gem!



Inspired Life Entrepreneur

InspiredLifeEntrepreneurToday I want  to do another review, this time of an awesome, inspiring ebook written by Ann Martinez that I recently had the pleasure of reading and reviewing.  For all you would be entrepreneurs out there, this is a must read as it will reveal a new kind of entrepreneur that is emerging in this age of the Internet.

Sometimes a book like this is exactly what we need to get us moving in life…whether it be in business or personal…motivating us to reach higher. Understanding ourselves and our place can only help us on our journey through life to achieve the kind of success we’re after.

So, with that in mind, please take the time to read the review of this excellent product:

“Inspired Life Entrepreneur”

If you’re thinking of starting an online business or need a little kick start to get you on the right track for success. You need to check out a new eBook just launched by Ann Martinez titled, “Inspired Life Entrepreneur, Awaken Your Passion and Profit Online.”

The author has written an inspiring guide for the “awakened entrepreneur” to successfully start a business doing what they love to do. She stresses the importance of getting your priorities in order and creating the right mindset before starting a business. Ann knows how to inspire people to achieve more out of all aspects of their lives, not just their business.

Additionally, Ann reveals what it takes to succeed as an Online Entrepreneur with her chapter on the “7 Success Skills of the Online Entrepreneur,” and “Overcoming Obstacles to Your Online Success.” The author begins by telling you a story about a little girl with dreams and how this girl manifested her life by naturally applying the Law of Attraction. She goes on to paint a profile of the new enlightened “inspired” entrepreneur.

Ann shows you a new way to look at your life and your business and the importance of creating a lifestyle business of balance. She states that when you are living as an inspired life entrepreneur your work is enjoyable, fun and fulfilling. It doesn’t feel like work at all. Ann shows you that if your work is a natural extension of your passions and interests you will be more successful.

For anyone who has ever wanted to understand universal laws and principles, “Inspired Life Entrepreneur” will take you on a journey from how to discover passion, to understanding the importance of goals & following through with actions. Ann also adds chapters regarding thoughts on abundance, why it’s easy to earn money, and the power of words and affirmations.

This guide allows you to take a self inventory of skills, talents and desires, and also includes extensive excerpts from several motivational teachers such as Harv Eker, and Bob Proctor. Other topics covered include why it’s important to write an ebook for self promotion, and reasons why you should become an online entrepreneur.

This author may be leading the way in a new kind of thinking that rises above the idea of creating a business for the sole purpose of monetary gain. She contends that by setting a higher purpose for the business may result in even greater financial success. The inspiring quotes scattered throughout will encourage the reader to keep this book around as a reference when they are faced with challenges and need a little help to get back on track.

You may want to use this helpful information to do some internal work on yourself to overcome obstacles and align your energy for success. She doesn’t give you the nuts and bolts of getting started in business but strongly suggests hiring a mentor or getting into a coaching program. Ann has added a few resources for online coaches listed at the end.

You will definitely learn something from this guide, if not just coming away with a new perspective on how to be successful at anything you may want in life. Ann makes the point that whatever you are doing today is no where near what you are capable of achieving.

“Inspired Life Entrepreneur” …check it out….some things are worth your time, and this is one of them.

Celebrating Success…yours and mine!


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