First Class Webinar

Had our first class webinar today.  I think it’s more fun for those of us not located in the UK.  We get to hear all those British accents…and in my opinion that just adds to the fun… 🙂

It was amazing that for the most part, the questions that were asked were the very same questions I had floating about in my head.  Not only was it educational, but he gave us links to all the other student blogs….and, that was the best part. 😉   I have already been to every one of them.  Obviously there are some students light years ahead of me in technical skills, I just need to be patient with myself.

I have already made an awesome connection and new friend from the list of students….Gayla.  We are the same age (which was amazing cause I thought I was the senior citizen here)…. live within 100 miles of one another and basically have the same passions for Internet Marketing and Metaphysics.  The world is really a small place isn’t it?  Anyway, her blog address is   Check her blog out…it’s lots of fun to read.  I’ll be following it for sure.

The Webinar was great inspiration for me as was the trip through all the student blogs.  I plan on going through each and every blog and signing up to follow them.  No doubt each one will offer something different in the way of insights and wisdom and I want to digest it all.

One of the first items I want to add to my blog is color and  ~movement~ in the way of pictures and videos.  My blog is a little on the flat boring side right now and I feel like that will give it the depth it needs….I just have not had time to take the tutorial and implement them.  That’s next on my agenda.

I must tell you that the webinar and access to the student blogs has reinvigorated me.  It’s almost as though it relit the fire that brought me here in the first place.  I really feel success within me.  And, that’s a good thing…. 😉

Sweet dreams,


Multiple streams of income…

I recently read that Mother Earth’s energy has increased and because of that we will feel particularly tired as we re-align with this new energy.  No wonder I have felt drained lately!  Seriously, there were a couple of days at work this past week when my tiredness was really getting in the way.  Normally I am a very  high energy person.  Can’t wait till I am totally adjusted to this new energy.

Don’t forget to move your clocks forward tonight before you go to bed if you are in a time zone that honors daylight savings.  I love the extra hour of light in the evening, but once again it’s a killer adjusting my body clock to the new time.  Normally I get up around 5:30 in the morning, but this week it’s really going to be 4:30!  I get tired thinking about that!

I want to talk briefly this morning about how important it is to have many different streams of income set up if you plan on making a fulltime living from the internet.  In fact that’s a Principle that applies whether you are making your income on or off the net.

It’s very dangerous to have only one stream of income these days.  It’s sort of like playing Russian Roulette with your finances.  Most families have at least two incomes…..just to meet bills.  The Internet gives us the opportunity to set up multiple streams of income right from our home computer.  It doesn’t get any better than that…does it?

For example….let’s say you are a successful Ebay seller, but that’s your only stream.  Ebay decides to change some rules and suddenly overnight you have no income stream.  Your one income stream has dried up.  If this had been one of many income streams for you, you may have felt the bump, but because you prepared for this possibility and set up multiple streams of income you have time to adjust.

Rober G. Allen says there are basically two types of income.  One is linear and the other is residual.

A linear income is one where you only get paid once for your hours worth of work.

With Residual income you continue to get paid for months or years into the future…and sometimes for a lifetime!

Wealthy people know this secret and always have a percentage of their income as residual.  Residual income will give you FREEDOM.  And, for me, that’s the magic word….FREEDOM.

The power of residual income is that it keeps flowing and flowing.  Residual income follows you…no matter where you are.  That’s precisely why I am taking this course.  To learn the different avenues of residual income that the Internet offers.

Make no mistake….this is the new gold rush.  There are millions of new Net-preneurs coming aboard everyday.  Position yourself now to give them the tools they need to be a success.

My next post will cover some of the different kinds of residual streams that you can use to profit from the Internet.

Remember, it’s all about gaining freedom and peace of mind….

Celebrating your success,


The all important Home Page

Yesterday Edson Buchanan…. told me about something important that I need to add to my blog.  That item is a Home Page option.

So, what is a Home Page?   Simple really.  Like the name implies, this page contains all the options that your reader needs in order to navigate around your site.  It contains everything you want your reader to have access to.  And, it’s very important that people are able to navigate back to this page when searching around on your blog.

 A “Home Page” option needs to be placed on your sidebar…in Edson’s case he has placed it under the title “Main Menu.”   If someone is reading on your blog and navigates to another page within your blog you want to make it very easy for them to navigate back to your home page.  It’s that simple.  But. this little tool could make a difference between someone leaving your blog accidentally (or on purpose) or staying on it.

It’s all about the tools.  Use them wisely.  Keep it simple and make it easy for your readers.

Once again, this will seem pretty elementary to the seasoned pros, but to the newbies it is very important information which will help them to be successful.  That’s what this blog is all about. 

Make it easy for anyone who lands on your blog to navigate around your blog without loosing them…and a Home Page option is a must.

It will be added to my blog soon…;)

To your success…and mine,


New Header and Footer

One thing for sure…I’ve given my blog the correct name.  It has been nothing but adventurous this morning trying to correct some problems with my blog header showing up correctly on aol and other issues with my host email etc…now, I have brain drain..;)  Ok, more lessons learned.

Hope everyone likes my new header and footer.  There is a special meaning behind that beautiful rose that is displayed in the left corner.

Soon, I’ll share the story with you.

Have a wonderful day,


A Revelation

Eureka!  I made my first dollar via Internet Marketing yesterday.  I joined ChattoText and someone that I had sent the link to joined…and the best part about it is they sent it out to their “list” of 50 people (which is actually bigger than mine.)  I have already gotten word…and, another 25 cents that someone joined out of that 50.  Wonder how many they will send it out to?

I gotta tell you it was a real rush to see that money in my account!

As promised I printed it out and will frame it…:)

Yesterday I had a revelation about this program I’d like to share with all of you.  What if everyone that all of us sent this program to only “saw” the business opportunity, the financial gain that could be produced from a mere $6 investment?

I don’t use the service, and at present I don’t care about the service, but I do care about what this program can do for me financially.

I am promoting the business opportunity first.  The problem arises when you promote the product first….everyone gets stuck there…they don’t see the business opportunity. Fear gets in the way.  I want people to  “see” the financial possibilities the Universe has placed within their hands first.  The product/service itself is the icing on the cake.  And, don’t forget, you can cancel out of the program at any time.  So, essentially the most anyone stands to loose is $6….and that’s only if they don’t get anyone aboard.

Do you see the possibilities?

When I promote ChattoText, I stress the possible financial gain…..

for everyone willing to part with $6.

It’s another stream of income…and, you can’t have too many of those.

You cannot get rich doing nothing.  Even those that win lotteries had to buy tickets.  That’s action my friends.  You must meet the Universe half way.  SEE the possibilities, take ACTION, reap the rewards….

and, quit dreaming.

The Universe is waiting to reward you.

Wishing you clarity of mind…,


Remember you can get to the site from my blog…just scroll up on the dark blue sidebar until you see “Recommended.”  Click on “A New Texting Application”…which I need to change to “An Awesome Business Opportunity.”..;)

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